Installing MyDS App for DS cars successfully

I own a DS Crossback 7 E-Tense. This is a plugin hybrid car. Nice design, good technology, not cheap.
Together with it there are various Apps both for iOS and Android, as with any modern car, specifically with cars that claim to be “the future”. Well, the Apps made by DS are rather from the past. Just look at the comments in the Google Play Store. I will explain in this post how to get this App running on an Android phone (I use a Samsung Note 9).

If you just download and install the App, you will always fail at the same point: After registration and confirmation of your email address, the App will tell you “Wrong email/password” when trying to log in, although you definitely entered the correct username/password (in fact on my phone this is automatically entered by the password manager). And that’s it.

Do it as follows: Install the old (former) Citroen App, which is basically the previous version of the MyDS App: Look for it in the standard alternative App Stores, e.g. here.

  • Install the App and register (but don’t use capital letters in your email address – email addresses do not distinguish upper or lower case anyway).
  • Confirm your email address
  • Login (and yes, here it works)
  • Enter the VIN (car ID) of your car
  • The App will tell you that this is the ID of a DS car and you should use the MyDS App.
  • Install the MyDS App now
  • Use the credentials (username/password) of your previous registration at the Citroen App to login. This will work.
  • Now you are successfully logged in to the MyDS App.

However, this doesn’t help you much, because the original functionality of the MyDS App is very limited.

From the App, go to the “Additional Services” – you will end up on the DS website (in Germany: this one). There you have to add the “DS Connect Nav” and “E-Tense Remote Control” (at least if they are part of your contract with DS).

You have to give a mobile number, receive some SMS, and voila, you’ll have the services installed. For the “E-Tense Remote Control”, you need to drive around a few times before you’ll actually see any data. Until then the App will show you a hint (on the screenshot below in German; basically it says that a software installation is necessary within the car to activate this service).

Enjoy your car (and drive safely)!

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