Going premium

Some functions of dozilla.io require a “premium” project, meaning that they cost a (small) amount of money. This premium version is not required for the site in order to function correctly. The list of “premium-features” is constantly growing and for now consists of these features:

  • Attaching documents to a list item (with a limited size). Images are scaled down automatically before upload
  • Chat functionality incl Whiteboard, Shared Document Editing and Videoconferencing
  • Adding comments to tasks
  • Browser Notifications – this depends on the device; on Apple iOS devices this works only for apps (websites) that were added to the Home Screen
  • Full export of a list to PDF
  • Seeing/exporting the full change history of a list
  • Creating meetings manually
  • Adding tasks via email (more info)
  • Adding/managing tasks via API (more info)

Enabling these premium features is valid for the current project (with all its lists) and costs 1 EUR per month (tax included). You pay for one month only, so it’s not a subscription – it starts immediately after payment and runs out automatically after one month. Remember to extend it each month – you can also extend it earlier.

Payments are processed via Stripe, a professional payment provider.

To enable premium features for your project, go to the project’s menu on the project overview page and click on “Premium features”, or click on the icon. There is also a 24 hour trial of premium features. This can be done only once per project.

Finally, you may have received a promotion code (e.g. because you helped in translating this site). Such codes will turn your project into a premium project as well.

Why do you charge for this?

Well, I have costs as well – mainly running this site on a server. Some premium functions are directly corellated to these costs, e.g. the attachments. And obviously creating and maintaining this site is also time-consuming.

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