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The overall idea of the task management tool is based on unique devices IDs (this is a “machine ID”). assigns a unique ID to each device (PC, smartphone, tablet, …) which accesses the webpage. This unique ID is stored in a cookie, very cryptic and very long – it’s not guessable. When the same device accesses the next time; the cookie is read and recognizes the device (e.g. to retrieve the stated user name or device name).

So even if you are one user but use two devices, will not know that these two devices belong to the same user – because you should stay anonymous (and not use email/password, for instance).

So, if you want to work with several devices, you have various options (I recommend the second option):

  • Access the unique link to your project from each device and leave everything as it is. This is the default.
  • Access the unique link to your project from each device, use the same username and give distinct device names.
  • Duplicate the unique device ID (machine ID) to a second device; use the “Migrate” functionality in the help screen of the project list for that. Note: This completely duplicates the device; it will result in identical notifications as well.

In any case, remember that the device ID is unique and should stay secret; whoever knows your device ID has access to your projects as well!

Also remember that the project ID is an important access control to your project; whoever knows the project ID (i.e. the link to your project), has access to it and can read/write/delete entries! You can prevent this by restricting access to your project to known machine IDs; read this article to learn more about access control.

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