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I had a problem with my (digital) paper-based note taking (on a Remarkable 2): I manually write down information, but sometimes I need a reference to a web page, e.g. a Confluence wiki, a Jira tracking issue or similar. I cannot easily add a link to paper.

So I built a very simple link shortener site, which is private to a logged in user: Textpage.net. I simply add the needed link to this site, which generates a unique number. I write down that number on paper/Remarkable, and that’s it.

My Remarkable2 – the number circled in red points to Textpage.net
This is the link referred to by the number, as saved in Textpage.net.

So this is your very own link shortener service. So far this is quite rudimentary, but I am continously improving this site. Yes, it’s free, does not require any App install or similar, runs without advertisements and in general is just a simple service from me.

Obviously this works on pure paper journals as well.

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